If you want to know if your neighbor is a Russian spy, just check the flowerbeds.  (GS is still cleaning out its backlog of entertaining oddly true news from the summer before we were on the map.)

Did you get the eerie feeling that you just might be under the prying eyes of the Kremlin this summer while doing the weekly yard work?  Did you find yourself wondering if your neighbor’s Bluetooth headset had a direct link to Moscow?

For awhile there, it seemed like the Cold War was back in full swing and aging spy novelists everywhere were rejoicing at the makings for a return to the glory days.  That was until we found out that the so-called secret agents apparently had no real connections to speak of or any compromising information that would be worthy of fussing over a wiretap, much less dusting off some old missiles.  Crisis averted.

Nevertheless, the incident at least came with some useful tips and a good excuse to have a little fun.  According to an NYT article, one blindsided young neighbor observed, “’They couldn’t have been spies’ … ‘Look what she did with the hydrangeas’”.  GS, for one, has had hours of fun playing “guess if that guy’s a Russian spy”.

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