The global brand consultancy Interbrand has been assigned to help develop a brand and marketing platform for an African country.  They’re asking for your help by filling out an interesting survey on factors that would affect your decision to take a holiday or invest/conduct business in the country.  If this mysterious “the country” thing is growing tiresome, the country is revealed part-way through the survey.

Just in case you’re questioning the notion of applying a marketing principle like branding to a country, here are a few thoughts in favor of the exercise that might be worth considering.

  1. Country branding can bring valuable business investment and tourism revenue to Africa that can help provide jobs, grow the economy, and raise living standards.
  2. Country branding can contribute to the exchange of cultures among the country, Africa, and visitors’ respective cultures and homelands.
  3. Country branding can awaken prospective investors and travelers to unknown attractions and opportunities in the country.  Raising awareness can be the first step to opening prospective visitors’ minds to the country’s business or vacation potential.
  4. Country branding can help dispel visitors’ concerns by providing reassurances about such considerations as safety, cleanliness, infrastructure, and the regulatory environment, among others.
  5. Visitors who experience the country on business or holiday can become advocates for that country’s cultural gifts and economic opportunities and are more likely to support that country or region in the future.

In addition to all this good stuff, the survey has some pretty cool visual effects and interesting questions.  There’s no word on how long it will be up, so get in on the fun before it’s too late!  (In case you were wondering, GS does not have any relationship with Interbrand or benefit from recommending their survey other than, hopefully, by providing GS readers with access to engaging content.)

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